Eye Conditions Associated With Aging
4 Eye Conditions Associated With Aging and How To Treat Them Successfully
Our experts weigh in on 4 common eye conditions associated with aging along with their symptoms and how they can be treated.
benefits of learning a new language as an older adult
Top 4 Reasons To Learn a New Language As An Adult
You'd be amazed how many benefits there are to learning another language.
how does sunlight affect health
How Does Sunlight Affect Your Health?
How does sunlight affect your health? We often hear the warnings of too much sun, but what about the many benefits of sunlight on your health?
low intensity workouts for seniors
Age in Shape with Low Intensity Workouts
Low Intensity Workouts are ideal for older adults who are looking to stay active and in shape, but don't want to risk injury with more intense workouts.
social isolation
How Social Isolation Affects Your Health
Social isolation and general loneliness can be more detrimental to your health than you imagine, but there are ways you can help!
self care tips for caregivers
6 Vital Self Care Tips for Caregivers
These 6 self care tips will help you relax and be the best caretaker possible when it comes to tending to a loved one who is in need of your help.
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