facebook grant scam
Facebook Grant Scam
The Facebook Grant Scam is on the rise. Learn what it is, how it works, and how to avoid it.
its important to know what you should not share on social media
5 Things That You Should Never Share on Social Media
Social media is great. But it's also a great way to set yourself up for exploitation. Be wary and don't share these things on media.
don't answer unknown calls
Don’t Respond To Unknown Calls or Texts
Unknown calls. Weird text messages. What should you do about them? The short answer - don't answer and don't respond.
staying connected is important for fraud
Why Staying Connected Is The Key To Avoiding Scams and Exploitation
Staying in contact with your trusted circle of family and friends will decrease your chances of being scammed or exploited. This is why.
what age are people being scammed
What is the Average Age of a Scam Victim?
You might be surprised by what age group is the most susceptible to scams, but that isn't really the whole story...
a lot of people are getting emails stating that their security subscription renewed - this is a scam
The ‘Security Subscription Renewed’ Scam
If you have recently received an email stating: "Your annual plan for PC Security Has Been Successfully Renewed & Updated", it is highly likely that you were hit by a scammer.
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