best cell phones for seniors
The 4 Best Cell Phones For Older Adults
Flip phones or touch screen smart phones, these are our favorite cell phones for older adults.
best vacation ideas for retired couples
10 Best Vacation Ideas for Retired Couples
Retirement is something we wait for our entire lives. Take advantage and enjoy these top 10 vacation ideas for retired couples that span the globe.
chosen family pride month
Chosen Family – The Importance of a Trusted Circle In The LGBTQ+ Community
Chosen Family is a term often used within the LGBTQ+ community to describe loved ones who have become part of a trusted circle. They are of utmost importance.
8 of the best vacation ideas for seniors right here in the usa
8 Best US Vacation Ideas for Seniors
You've been waiting a long time for all this freedom! Here are 8 fantastic vacation ideas that are based right here in the USA.
8 online dating sites for older adults
8 Best Online Dating Sites for Older Adults
Looking to meet your match? Trying to find love in all the right places? These are our top picks for the best dating sites for older adults.
internation nurses day heartwarming stories
National Nurses Day – 8 Heartwarming Moments From This Past Year
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