We Protect Financial Independence

WayWiser is a mission driven startup with the goal of protecting the independence and dignity of people as they experience the later years of life.

Founded in 2019 by a team of people who have all experienced watching a loved one get scammed or exploited. WayWiser makes it easier for older adults to get connected and stay protected by offering a comprehensive platform focused on bringing families together and helping them maintain their independence and freedom.

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What We Offer
Maintain Freedom and Independence
WayWiser is building a comprehensive platform to help maintain older adults' freedom and independence in an era where they are heavily targeted and exploited.
Protect What Is Most Important
WayWiser will help older adults protect what is most important to them to live a happy and independent life for years to come.
Bringing Families Together
WayWiser is using technology to bring families together across the globe.
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Stay Connected to a Trusted Circle

Our platform allows families to stay connected virtually with a social platform, an interactive calendar for appointments, and a secure, digital filing cabinet.

Maintain Financial Durability™ & Independence

A proprietary assessment and individualized action plan to protect against fraud and scam vectors which hardens soft spots, closes and locks unguarded access, detects and blocks fraud attempts, and if all else fails, immediately remediates.

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